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The problem

Today, rigid network control limits the flexibility of service creation.

Icon: The Idea

The Idea

We pursue full network and service virtualization to enable rich and flexible services and operational efficiency.

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The Solution

The UNIFY consortium researches, develops and evaluates means to orchestrate, verify and observe end-to-end service delivery from home and enterprise networks through aggregation and core networks to data centres.

Latest News

SP-DevOps Toolkit Release

The UNIFY SP-DevOps Toolkit, a set of open-source results from WP4 showcasing advances in terms of observability, verification and troubleshooting for software-defined infrastructure, was presented at the OPNFV Summit in Berlin. The tools are available on Github and via the UNIFY Results webpage

Demo at IETF 96 Bits-n-Bites

UNIFY will showcase multiple proof-of-concept demos at IETF Bits-n-Bites event to be held on 21 July in Berlin, Germany. Bits-n-Bites event offers an excellent oppertunity of in-depth discussions to researchers and technology developers from around the globe [more].

Keynote at NETSOFT 2016

A keynote address on UNIFY topic was delivered at 2nd IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization (IEEE NetSoft 2016) held in Seoul, Korea. The talk summarized the recent developments and lesson learnt in UNIFY based on the corresponding proof of concept prototype implementations. An abstract of the talk can be found here.